26 May
26 May
Abruzzo - Civitella del Tronto

Perched on a rocky outcrop in the Salinello Valley, Civitella is the last Bourbon fortress.

The fortress dates back to the thirteenth century and has always been one of the most contested castles in the region for its strategic position. It suffered the most serious damage between 1860-61 by the Piedmontese troops. A wise restoration occurred in the eighties of the last century has allowed to keep intact the external walls and part of the original environments. It houses the Museum of Arms.

Noteworthy is the church of S. Francesco, adjacent to the old convent, the Sanctuary of S. Maria dei Lumi, of Romanesque origin and the Abbey of Montesanto, a Benedictine monastery built according to tradition according to the wishes of S. Benedetto da Norcia in 542.

Not far away are the suggestive gorges of Salinello, dominated by the ruins of the picturesque Castel Manfrino, built according to tradition by Manfredi di Svevia.

Festivals and fairs: 13-14-16 August "A la corte del Governatore", a banquet in costume inside the fortress.

Museum of Fortress Weapons

To be noted 5 cannons hosted in the former artillery warehouses, a papal uniform by diplomatic, a papal helmet of 1848 and some weapons and documents attributable to the Savoy and Garibaldi kept inside the rooms of the former canteens and kitchens of the fort. You can also admire weapons belonging to the Bourbon army of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and to the Savoy and a memorial stone that separated the Kingdom from the Papal State. Among the oldest weapons in the collection stand out the flintlock pistols, some foci pops (fifteenth century) and some fortress rifles.