26 May
26 May
Gran Sasso National Park

The Gran Sasso, the highest mountain in the Apennine chain, extends across the three provinces of Teramo, Aquila and Pescara. The highest peak is the Corno Grande, which reaches almost 3000 meters above sea level. The National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, manages and manages the protected area by organizing initiatives and coordinating environmental and naturalistic projects.

A great naturalistic heritage, in whose territory we find a protected fauna and flora, snowy peaks, caves, large forests, with springs, clear streams. But the territory of the Gran Sasso, also includes small historic villages, churches and rock abbeys, ancient hermitages and precious evidence of the ancient cultural and folk traditions of Abruzzo.

The proposed itineraries allow you to better appreciate the various aspects and allow you to visit the Park from different perspectives, all enchanting and exciting. Both in summer and in winter, the Gran Sasso massif is a destination for tourists who love nature and who ask for something more authentic to their holiday. Here you can do many sports and recreational activities: mountain climbing, cycling (on several occasions it was the Giro d'Italia stage), mountain biking, skiing and of course the classic excursions, both in summer and in winter, when snowshoeing is organized.

A popular event is repeated every year: the march of the three meadows, non-competitive, 15 km long. Those who love animals can enjoy birdwatching, trying to spot the majestic golden eagle or they can see the Marsican bear or the Apennine wolf, the fox or the chamois closely.

The culture finds ample space within the Gran Sasso Park, with its museums, dedicated to flora and fauna, caves and wood, archaeological sites, folk festivals and village festivals organized every year to keep alive the traditions of the past. Who wants to get in touch even more with nature, can decide to stay within the Gran Sasso Park, in one of the numerous accommodation facilities scattered around the park, in total harmony with the landscape and nature, welcomed with warmth and hospitality in hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, refuges, cottages, apartments and campsites. It is a must to reach one of the many refuges to taste the delicious typical dishes, of own production to enter the spirit of the Gran Sasso Park and its traditions. If you want there are also farms that can sell the food and wine products that you have tasted or the artisanal products that you have seen in your experience at the Gran Sasso.

The massif is also a place of scientific studies, in fact in the heart of the massif are the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the most "underground" laboratory in the world, where the smallest parts of the atom are analyzed.