26 May
26 May
Abruzzo - Teramo

The ancient Interamnia (city between the rivers, because crossed by the rivers Tordino and Vezzola) knew the maximum splendor in the imperial age under Augustus and Hadrian.

The presence of the Roman theater in the heart of the historical center, built in the year 30 a. C., nowadays used for concerts and events, and the Roman amphitheater, which could hold at least 4,000 people.

Not far away is the Cathedral of S. Berardo, symbol of Teramo, where a precious silver frontal is kept, by the famous artist from Abruzzo, Nicola da Guardiagrele. Imposing is the façade, embellished with a rose window and lace and flanked by the mighty bell tower.

To visit the Church of S. Domenico, in Romanesque style, the ancient Cathedral of S. Anna and the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie.

The decadent Palazzo Melatino symbolizes the importance of the city during the Renaissance.

Also noteworthy is the Archaeological Museum and the Civic Art Gallery.

Festivals and fairs: End of June - beginning of July Feast of the Madonna delle Grazie; end of July festival of ham, cheese and home-made bread. Cultural and sporting events such as the Literary Prize and the Interamnia Cup should be noted.

Civic Art Gallery

It houses numerous works of art from various periods, ranging from medieval blades to paintings from the 15th century Teramo school, from Neapolitan school canvases from the 17th to 18th centuries to the works of the artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century.